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I have been inspired to trim my friends list for a number of reasons:

+ I have noticed that a couple of people have cut me from their lists recently which speaks volumes about my lack of attention to reading other people's journals.

+ My friends list is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with.

+ I have too much on my mind at present to keep up with my friends list as much as I would like to.

So, if you have been cut, it will be because:

+ We don't interact a great deal and commenting on each others journals is few and far between. I don't see any sense in keeping people on my list for the sake of it.

+ You have never updated your own journal and I know nothing about you. Call it paranoia but I want to know the people that can read my personal thoughts. Sorry.

So there we have it. I didn't want to cause any offence by doing this cut and I don't have any issues with any of you. It's not through any dislike. It's purely for the reasons above.

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